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Why choose Spenser Technologies? The answer is simple.

When you want to host your applications or IT infrastructure, what criteria do you look for among the potential hosting providers? Are you well versed with the benefits of hosting in India, the kind of hosting standards that guarantee you virtually zero downtime and network and security aspects to ensure connectivity and data security? At Spenser Technologies , we have taken total ownership of your IT infrastructure and applications and our Tier IV data center, which has been operating at 100% uptime for 4 years running now, ensures application uptime and security. Read more to know why some of the most renowned names in every sector of business trust Spenser Technologies

Lowest Latency in India
If your business is in India why do you want to host your data in a server abroad? Does it really add value to your company when your business suffers latency in accessing data due to the different time zones? As Indian businesses grow and the requirement for server hosting increases within the national market, it is a much more… Know More

Tier IV Certification
Growing business generates an increasing amount of data. As your dependence on this data increases, it becomes critical for you to be able to access and secure your data in an environment that ensures you are able to access and use it to enable the functioning of your business. In such a scenario, application downtime for even a… Know More

N+N Redundant Specs
Among the most frustrating reasons to hear when you cannot access your data is a power cut. We Several of our clients have switched over to TechzoneSolutions after being subjected to this treatment by their hosting providers. Our tier IV data center facility offers clients’ uninterrupted power from two different power plants. The two power plants run on… Know More

Carrier Neutral
When you host your mission critical IT infrastructure and applications with us, the last thing you need to worry about is network accessibility. With our Dual active paths for network, we have virtually eliminated any possibility of downtime. Besides our carrier neutral setup enables us to uphold our promise of 99.995% uptime SLA… Know More

Six Zone Security
At Spenser we take your IT Infrastructure security very seriously which is why we have thought out nearly every possible scenario where your data could be compromised and taken measures to prevent it from ever happening. Security for your data comes with our impenetrable SIX ZONE SECURITY system. Unwanted visitors will never make it in. Know More

99.995% Uptime SLA
A 99.995% uptime SLA isn’t just something we claim to provide but a promise we have kept and surpassed in the four years of zero downtime hosting we have provided to our clients. Our tier IV data center provides our clients with a robust hosting environment with 99.995% uptime which means that in a year, you could face a potential downtime… Know More

Going Beyond Support
At TechzoneSolutions you can expect from our team an attitude that gets your job done. At every point of interaction you have with us, you can expect that our team’s total ownership of your project will add consistent value to your business. Our team of experts have strong credentials in managing a data center and are well equipped to support you with… Know

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  • – Unmetered Traffic
  • – Rock Solid Network
  • – 24/7 Support
  • – Advance Tools
  • – And More…

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