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Bandwidth Services

Spenser has deployed state of the art Cisco switches throughout the datacenter. Each rack is terminated with 50 MBPS of connectivity which includes private (20 MBPS)& public
( 30 MBPS) which is scalable at any timeup to 100 MBPS.

Each server deployed on our rack consists of standard 1Gbps ports which can be upgraded to 10Gbps. We offer speeds ranging from 1Gbps to maximum 10Gbps for higher data transfer.

Types of Bandwidth

1) Private bandwidth: Private bandwidth is provided free of cost within the domain for better connectivity between 2 or more servers within the racks or DC.

2) Public Bandwidth : Public bandwidth is provided in two types i.e. limited bandwidth & unlimited bandwidth.

A) Limited bandwidth: Limited bandwidth ranges from a minimum of 10 GB per server per month. A detailed usage of bandwidth can be viewed through public URL daily. Nominal charges will be levied if bandwidth exceeds beyond specified limit.

B) Unlimited Bandwidth:Unlimited bandwidth will be provided to each server ranging from 1Mbps per month to maximum of 25Mbps per month to each server. A detailed usage of bandwidth can be viewed through public URL daily.

IP Addresses:

Each server at Spenser will be provided one public & private IP address. Additional IP addresses can be bought from us at nominal cost p.m. we can also provide a block of IP addresses but justification will be required for the usage of that IP addresses.
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Included in All Packages:

  • – IP address
  • – Unmetered Traffic
  • – Rock Solid Network
  • – 24/7 Support
  • – Advance Tools
  • – And More…

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