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Firewall Services

Firewalls make it possible to filter the incoming and outgoing traffic that flows through a system. A firewall can use one or more sets of “rules” to inspect network packets as they come in or go out of network connections and either allows the traffic through or blocks it. The rules of a firewall can inspect one or more characteristics of the packets such as the protocol type, source or destination host address, and source or destination port.

Firewalls can enhance the security of a host or a network. They can be used to do one or more of the following:

• Protect and insulate the applications, services, and machines of an internal network from unwanted traffic from the public Internet.

• Limit or disable access from hosts of the internal network to services of the public Internet.

• Support network address translation (NAT), which allows an internal network to use private IP addresses and share a single connection to the public Internet using either a single IP address or a shared pool of automatically assigned public addresses.

Spenser firewall services include the below services:

1) Managed dedicated firewall services

2) Shared firewall services

3) HA / Load balancing firewall services

4) Dedicated firewall system administrator round the clock is available

5) Firewall logs report for each server will be provided to customer on request

6) Monitoring of firewall 365 days 24 x 7

Spenser provides the support following firewalls:

1) Cisco ASA
2) Dell SonicWall
3) Fortinet
4) Cyberoam

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Included in All Packages:

  • – IP address
  • – Unmetered Traffic
  • – Rock Solid Network
  • – 24/7 Support
  • – Advance Tools
  • – And More…

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